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Hair Cut

Bailey got his hair cut. OMG he looks soooooooo different it looks like he’s a different dog

I just can’t beleive .  Well atleast he is not burning up from the summer sun.

I am so happy for him.


Happy Birthday


Oliver loves is new toys he can’t wait to see how they taste lol. He had a great birthday he even got bacon he never gets bacon! I can’t believe he’s 1 well he’s a lot older in dog years he’s 7 in dog years. I love my dog and I don’t  want him to get older but, I guess thats how life goes.


Happy birthday Oliver Baily!!!!!!!!!!

Lazy Dog

Bailey - Thanksgiving 2015 - 151126

He can be lazy but, usually he is very active.


He loves to be chased and to chase. He has a playful spirit. His favorite thing to do though is to dig!

He loves to dig so much and sometimes he gets in trouble for it but he learns.

His Personality

He has very playful and loving spirit he doesn’t bite unless he is protecting and he is such a goofball!DSCF2469 (2)

He is so soft I just want to lay my head on him like he’s a pillow and sleep! I love him so much. He loves his owners and when someone gets to close to the house he gets serious and growls if they don’t go away he barks at them! He is really happy when we come home even if it is only a few minutes I think it’s because he’s happy to see we are okay because when ever we go OWE, he starts whining and sniffing us and licking our face.